Voodoo Adapters

About This Project

VooDoo Cable designs and build cable that provides customers with the highest level of audible performance from their high-end audio system. The basic technology of building audio cable has been around for more than 100 years. But the understanding of how conductive and dielectric materials and magnetic fields affect audio signals and AC power is really just entering adolescence. Experienced audio engineers and a growing number of audiophiles now realize the importance of how and why signals and AC move through various conductive alloys and how dielectric materials affect those signals and AC power. The challenge now is to conduct unruly signal and power electrons to each component in an orderly and efficient manner with the utmost coherent linearity at the lowest level of line noise possible. Here at VooDoo Cable, it’s first and foremost about the music. Bach, Beethoven, Coltrane and Hendrix all pass through our cables. And that’s a responsibility Voodoo Cable take very seriously.