About This Project

ADD-Powr™ technology is Algorithm Digital Defined Power™. It is unique because it addresses the quality of electrical environments: Energy is added to electrical signals and systems.

ADD-Powr™ products are electrical environment conditioners that add harmonic resonance to the AC power line, Therefore, ADD-Powr and its unique method of harmonic resonance is a new “reference” for AC power applications. Traditional AC line conditioners only offer RF/EM interference and noise filtration and surge protection.

ADD-Powr offers three approaches, algorithms, or programs to affect electrical environment tuning and harmonic resonance.

List of ADD-Powr products Horizon Acoustics carries:

    • ElectraClear eau2
    • Symphony Standard
    • ElectraClear eau4
    • Symphony Pro
    • Symphony Pro-PS1
    • Symphony Pro PS-1 + ElectraClear eau2
    • Wizard
    • Sorcer X2
    • Sorcer X4